Monday, December 23, 2013

Character Design - Hero, Sidekick and Villain

Phezi he hero of the Story is son of two african god, "Shango" and "Oba". his origin is loosely based on the tale Shango and his many wives, Shango had a wife called Oba and she found it hard to compete for attention, she wanted more time with Shango but she didn't know how to do this, another wife deceives Oba, and tells her to feed him her ears; that this would ensure she has his attention, naively Oba follows the instructions and cuts her own ear off, when she tries to feed it to Shango, he realised what he was being served and sends her away far from this village he was ruling. In the Origin of the Hero Phezi,  his Mother is Oba and she was sent away when she was pregnant with him, Oba struggled and she couldn't make it far, she ended up have Phezi on her own, doing the impossible Oba set up in an open field, and gave birth to Phezi...loosing blood far to quickly and with no medal attention, Oba died....but her body disappears, the god took favour in her and she was now watching over son, he found in a field by a couple who prayed for a child and they took him as a gift from the gods, raising him as their own. One day when Phezi was 15, and was out hunting...his village  was raided by bandits, they destroyed his village and kill anyone insight. Phezi arrives to his home destroyed and his parents dead, from here begun his journey on the world alone. He starts seeing marks appear on his body, they grow every waking day, when he was 16 the marks stopped growing and it formed a design Phezi didn't understand, one day he goes out hunting when he realised that these tattoos unravelled and peeled from his skin like a banana, but they also strapped back, if it touched a tree it could bring the whole forest down, Phezi grows to understand his powers but he knows nothing of his origin.

In the TV Show
The viewers meet Phezi in the middle of a hunt with his sidekick, Phezi now lives with group of teenagers; all together they're ten and they co-exist, Very tries to do their bit to help the group survive everyday, they venture out to find food and survive, apart from the sidekick they're all orphans who Phezi meet along the way, who grew to know each other and now co-exist in a make shift house

The Sidekick is now a privileged American Teenager turned Hummanitrain, he believes in give back to the world and in Karma, he always tries to do good deeds and be as pure as he can be, most times to a point where its almost comical, he dips his toes into  many things, he dabbles in Martial Arts, and reads about numerous religions he's very noble and truthworthy. our sidekick travels to Africa to live there, he decides to rid himself of his earthy possessions and material goods living to the most minimal that he can, following the teaching of Siddhattha Gotama (Buddha). Our sidekick always help when he could, though his kindness would be taken advantage of now and then, the people of the village grew to know him and love him, one day he was found dead nearby the village, it seemed as though an animal had attacked him, to a point that he was almost unrecognisable, the people of the village scrambled, picking up whatever they could, and begged help form a witch doctor who resides on the outskirts of the village (Maybe this was out Villain....who knows), she odd lady asked for dead chimpanzee amongst numerous other things, when it was all said and done he was brought back to life, but not in his human form, our sidekick still had his memory and he sounded the same but he was now half man half chimp thanks to the power of Black Magic or JuJu

In the TV Show
We meet the sidekick along side Phezi as one of the people he lives with, in a makeshift home surviving with a group of like-minded teenagers. Our sidekick always follow Phezi due to the fact he like his aura, always having his back as they venture out to hunt for food and when going on errands. Phezi met out sidekick in the jungle as he tried to coexist with real chimps, this was normal behaviour from our sidekick as he would always try new things, experiencing what he can. Phezi met him segregated form the other chimps, it seemed sad looking from the outside but our Sidekick was oblivious to this he was learning a new way to live in, seeing this he took it upon himself to take this odd looking chimp under his wings.

The Villain's now changed to be a female witch doctor, there is no relation between the main characters origin, and her, she is in no way related to the Shango, but she is a real Witch Doctor, she knows of Phezi's power and plans to capture it. The Villian has a her own background story and has gone through her path to make her what she now is, she started out working on a potion which would enhance her powers making her strong enough to save her son, after her son was saved, she continued exploring the possibilities, somewhere along the line she was caught up, and started to yearn for more and more power, this hunger for more came to eventually be the cause of her sons death, she blames his death on the gods what had happened, not knowing it was her own doing, she then vows to herself to bring the the whole world down, destroy it, if she cant live in happiness (due to the death of her son, which was actually her own doing), she is doing to die and bring a whole planet with her son the god can know of her.

In the TV Show
The Villian is introduced as witch who is trying to collect unique forms of power, in her attempt to bring the world with her when she senses something in Phezi (our Hero) and begins to go after him.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Narrative (Zombie Sprite) The Cage

Narrative (Zombie Sprite) Work Collection

Here are a few doodles done to understand the world, and an attempt to change style of drawing during the storyboard stage

During the point where we had to decide on shots and compositions of scenes in our story, we decided to create REALLY rough storyboards on different parts of the story and pitch it back to the group, we then decided what shots fitted and how long each frame would last.

For the Pitch I worked on some really rough audio, this particular part was where the boy finds out the horrific "truth" about War, I wanted each picture to have a sound of a drum HIT! as each picture went by, it was quiet subtle but, it was good enough for the stage we were at

 Felix was also completely modeled and animated

The animation was done, but it ended up being too long, so there were a few alterations in order to shorten the whole animation