Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Maya Tutorial - Character Part 3: Lighting and Rendering

Maya Tutorial - Character Part 2: Texturing and Shaders

Maya Tutorial - Texturing Part 2: UV Maps

These are the three final renders for the UV Maps lesson on Maya, each render gets darker so the blocks could imitate the properties of a real blocks

Maya Tutorial - Texturing Part 1: Common Shaders

Maya Tutorial - Character Part 1: Modelling

Pencil Character, Modeled 

Maya Tutorial - Geometry Types

In this Maya Tutorial, the aim was to make a cup using 3 different Methods and these are the outcomes.


Thursday, October 25, 2012

Cinematic Spaces - Concept 2 Development

Thumbnail 84 - 87 

This is my progress on my second concept art, I chose this image because I felt I could portray the enormity the environment...I looked into prescriptive from the Mirrors Edge game to help me with this image.  

Life Drawing (23/10/2012)

Life Drawing (16/10/2012)

Cinematic Spaces - Cover Art

I used my first concept image as Cover Art for my CD and Case.


 I started to think about branding I and thought I could use this image to represent my work

Cinematic Spaces - Concept 1 Development

Thumbnail 80 - 83

 This is what I ended up with after a while...I might make a few adjustments before Friday, but so far this is my first final Concept Image

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Cinematic Spaces - Concept 1 Development

Thumbnails 74 - 79

I've been working on previous thumbnail, which I decided to use as my final image to illustrate the beginning of the characters journey into the unknown.