Monday, October 1, 2012

Creative Partnership: Kym Mumford and Megan Howett

Metropole and The Lost World

For our First Project on Space and Environment, we have creative partners to work with and give feedback on each others work.

Creative Partners: I've been working on images that illustrate the progress of my characters as they go throw the Amazon before reaching the plateau.
The Lost World
Kym had images of wide landscapes from Kenya which I could also use as a primary sources to inspire more of my thumbnails

These Images were similar to that of the stills I got from the Jurassic Park film.

I could use also use these to illustrate the end of the characters journey as they reach the plateau

Three quotes from the Metropolis book stood out as images which could be the 3 final images, but we couldn't decide on quote for the first Illustrations. 
These were the two quotes; "It was all outer suburbs with endless stone walls fences...all he found were a few artificial pools between houses on a..." and "With fewer houses and those broken up by vacant sites, lawn and play areas through the traffic"
We couldn't decide at first but we choose the second quotes because it had more detail.

During the first week we decided to meet as a group and talk about our work...above is the outcome for that week.

We arranged another meeting again, the purpose for the meeting was to update each other on progress with our project.

For the remainder of the five weeks, we commented on each others blogs to support and give advice, this is what was archived:

Interaction on my blog M, Kym's Blog 2, Megan's Blog e

Really nice influence maps :). I think in the 3rd piece the top image that has the perspective from worms eye view is really interesting and works really well for creating the impression of fear.

Thumbnails are looking really good :), there's a concept artist James Clyne who has this one image that I think would be a great refrence for you
  1. Thanks for that Kym, I just checked out some of his work...he does a lot of work on wide landscapes capturing a whole environment, I'd need to look into him a bit my second concept image I'm trying to portray this

    Your Thumbnail 16, which shows the perspective of your concept image 3 displays depth, but have you thought of widening the image...panning the camera back a bit to capture more. I found this image, I thought it might be helpful

    1. I really like your thumbnail for your first concept, from 20 - 21 you can really see your thought process...I didn't really think about it when you first showed me these images, but I feel as though the colour scheme of these images should be more like the "rusty iron" colour, because you seem to be portraying rundown buildings and the "browny orange" colour came to mind.

      These are some concept images from Fallout and Rage, those two games potray very rundowned environments and I thought it'll be helpful to look at them before implementing colour towards the final stages of your conceptual work :)

      1. I think it would be nicer if you had CD cover and front box cover in the same style :(
      2. It's probably too late now, but I see what Samantha means...if they both reflect your final images it shouldn't really be an issue though :)
      3. I was going to do them the same but thought that might be a little boring, so tried to make them a little different.

        1. I like your work on thumbnail 11, but thumbnail 9 stands out to me as the one with the most potential in this post, mostly because it has a lot going on...its interesting to me in compassion to 7 and 8 because the viewpoint in those images are too close and focused on a small area unlike 11 which shows a whole set :)

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