Saturday, October 20, 2012

Cinematic Spaces - Thumbnails

Thumbnails 62 - 69

For these thumbnails I decided to focus more on developing previously drawn thumbnails on Photoshop, so I could get used to it.

These thumbnails are also reflective of what I am currently thinking of doing for my Final 3 Images

Image 1

The goal for my first image is to show the beginning of a journey, so peaceful vistas...still waters are the type of thing I'm looking to for, for this particular image.

Image 2

The main purpose of these thumbnails are to show the richness of the environment the story of the Lost Worlds is set in.

Image 3

The third Illustration is meant to convey fear or potential of danger...I'm still thinking of better ways to foreshadow imminent danger. 


  1. the first of image 3 with the blacked out trees is very creepy... some fog effects going through there and its a winner. Danger can come from having jagged edges and things looking unnatural.
    Image 1 is nice... there's a soft haze to it that suggests wonder. maybe it's too symmetrical though?

  2. From Image 2 - 2 and 3 are my favourites!
    I would encourage you to developing them more. They show the mood and if you work some more on details the richness of the environment will be there as well!
    Remember what I told you about number 3? Try that swamp idea : )

    1. I was going to ignore the third image on Image 2 until you suggested using the tree for a swamp like environment, I think I'll be developing all 3 of those images, because I really liked the first image on Image 2 when i first drew it out (thumbnail 53) on my previous post.