Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Robert Neville - Animation Walk Cycle

There's still a bit of popping in the side view which I've tried to fix, but due the amount of time spent on the walk cycle I decided to leave this cycle as final, 

Robert Neville - Texture Update and Light Tests

Gun Diffuse and Normal Map

Character Diffuse and Normal Map

Initially I used an ambient light and a directional light to light my scene, and it was pointed out that it produced a washed out and saturated image, so I went back and replaced the ambient light with an area light, just so I could light up an angle of the character, with the ambient light gone I needed to work more with the directional light to make sure I didn't wash out the detail. I ended up using 3 directional  lights and area light to light up the right side of my character and another one above him.

I also was playing with the idea of having two different types of lighting, for the two different types of poses, but I decided to keep the same light and copied over the values from one scene to another so it could be more consistent.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Robert Neville - Update

Creating Robert's Gun
In my concept I had my character holding a weapon and I wanted it to feature in the final piece but I felt it needed some change, something a little more outlandish, so Thumbnailed a few ideas, and I started looking at waterguns, just for the simple fact that they looked funny...

Reference Image

I planned to make a specular map for my character, but after a few test with specular map it realised it wasn't making changes I was happy with..so I decided to leave it out
Character Diffuse

Character Normals

Gun Normals

Gun Diffuse
An Image and a few playblasts 

I wanted to do a few poses that'll show his character growth, from the clumsy fumbling Robert Neville to the Action hero type character he'll grow into

I'll also be doing my cycle animations in an environment like this, at the very least I'd have a walk cycle fitting to his character

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Robert Neville - Texturing Part 2

I went back fixed some bits of the normal map, baked an ambient occlusion, and I painted over it for my diffused map, my character isn't too detailed but he's not where I want him to be at the moment in terms of texture, I'll move on to rigging and skinning then come back to the texturing when it's done.

Intro to Particle Dynamics Part 2

6. Emit From Curve

7. Per Point Emission

8. Surface Emission

9. Curve Flow

10. Emit From Particles

Intro to Particle Dynamics Part 1

1. Sketching Particles

2. Particles Grids

3. Omni Emitters

4. Directional Emitters

5. Volume Emitters

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Robert Neville - Texturing Part 1

because my character's sole purpose is for games, I wanted to get past the texturing stage first, to make sure things look good before going any further. I baked normal maps on to the character, there are some errors on these but nothing unfixable, the big issues being the hands, collar and Lips area. I'll be going back to fix these areas but overall it came out ok, the wrinkles on the shirt and trousers transferred quite nicely 

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Robert Neville - Modelling and Retopology Finished

excuse the ghostly look characters, I decided to leave the eyeballs and teeth to the last stage..

My character is being made for the purpose of gaming, realistically a previous gen game (Xbox360,PS3..e.t.c), so he had to be relatively low-poly, I decided to make a high res model of the character so I could bake on a few details from it to the final low-poly model..
I made a basic model of the character, and went on to mudbox to add a few details to it, from mudbox, I exported the model out as an .obj file and retopologized it using topogun 

...a closer look at each model

Once the eyes and teeth are in, and the character's UV'd I'd start rigging him.