Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Robert Neville - Texture Update and Light Tests

Gun Diffuse and Normal Map

Character Diffuse and Normal Map

Initially I used an ambient light and a directional light to light my scene, and it was pointed out that it produced a washed out and saturated image, so I went back and replaced the ambient light with an area light, just so I could light up an angle of the character, with the ambient light gone I needed to work more with the directional light to make sure I didn't wash out the detail. I ended up using 3 directional  lights and area light to light up the right side of my character and another one above him.

I also was playing with the idea of having two different types of lighting, for the two different types of poses, but I decided to keep the same light and copied over the values from one scene to another so it could be more consistent.

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