Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Robert Neville - Update

Creating Robert's Gun
In my concept I had my character holding a weapon and I wanted it to feature in the final piece but I felt it needed some change, something a little more outlandish, so Thumbnailed a few ideas, and I started looking at waterguns, just for the simple fact that they looked funny...

Reference Image

I planned to make a specular map for my character, but after a few test with specular map it realised it wasn't making changes I was happy I decided to leave it out
Character Diffuse

Character Normals

Gun Normals

Gun Diffuse
An Image and a few playblasts 

I wanted to do a few poses that'll show his character growth, from the clumsy fumbling Robert Neville to the Action hero type character he'll grow into

I'll also be doing my cycle animations in an environment like this, at the very least I'd have a walk cycle fitting to his character


  1. Hi Akinbiyi

    I'm not sure what colours you have on your lights but there is a lot of purple (red? / blue?) covering your character and his gun? Its looking washed out (saturated) with one colour? Bring back variation and your textures original colours.

  2. Thanks Alan, I'll keep working on the textures. For the light I have a directional light and an ambient light, the ambient light is probably creating this saturated look, I was trying to have a create different moods for each poses, so I had a golden directional light when he's in his more confident poses and a blue light in his more clumsy poses

  3. woaahh! he looks so cool! :D