Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Robert Neville - Modelling and Retopology Finished

excuse the ghostly look characters, I decided to leave the eyeballs and teeth to the last stage..

My character is being made for the purpose of gaming, realistically a previous gen game (Xbox360,PS3..e.t.c), so he had to be relatively low-poly, I decided to make a high res model of the character so I could bake on a few details from it to the final low-poly model..
I made a basic model of the character, and went on to mudbox to add a few details to it, from mudbox, I exported the model out as an .obj file and retopologized it using topogun 

...a closer look at each model

Once the eyes and teeth are in, and the character's UV'd I'd start rigging him.

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