Friday, October 18, 2013

Character Design - Story Idea

....Going back into the Character Design Project, I thought to look at films which were classed as "Fantasy", after watching the breakfast club and pretty much understood what the Teenage genre was about, but with Fantasy being such a broad term I thought, I'd be helpful to look for Fantasy Film and pick out when I think makes them Fantasy 

After some doodling and some rough writing I think I've come up with something I'm happy to work on.

The rough idea is;
Set in Africa, our hero is part of a group of orphans who live on the streets, they have to steal to survive and con who they have to, to get a meal at night. The Story's very much inspired by Oliver Twist, apart from the fact that it's set in Africa and our group of orphans are teenage boys and girls who range from ages 13-19. Our Hero is a decedent of the African god "Shango" (god of storm) and he's not aware of this fact, he knew he was special from a very young age but he didn't know why. the Villain of the story is a local Witch Doctor, who's been watching our hero from a very young age. 

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Character Design - Starting Point

For the Character Design Project, my genres are; Fantasy and Teenagers and my theme is Law and Chaos.

My initial thoughts for a story as soon as I got the theme and genre was; A world in chaos....there's no structure and viewers are dropped in a world which is ruled by factions, maybe the each factions have different powers which can't be explained by science, but this music video (visuals only) inspired my thought, I just liked the idea of having a world where everyday's a battle and like Zombie films, the society would have gone to ruin.

(WARNING: Contains language that some people may find offensive)

Instantly I thought to artist inspiration and a few people came to mind where Darren Bartley and Trade Moore. Darren Bartley's work on the post apocalyptic world jumped out to me as something really, most of his "doodles" go on his blog, and Trade Moore on the other hand is a comic book artist, he did the art for the Luther Strode, which is a Comic Book that would fit perfectly into the Teenager Fantasy genre as it's about a high school kid who always got picked on and one day comes across a book which would last give him superhuman strength, as well as visual inspiration I looked to this for story inspirations.

Going past my initial thoughts and ideas, I decided to look into what defined the genres and what would make something fantasy......I'll be getting down some rough ideas, hopefully with some visuals as soon as I get a time period and an interesting concepts to work around....