Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Narrative - (Zombie Sprite) Character building

For the Narrative project, I'll be working with Samantha Niemczyk and Vikki Kerslake over at our Zombie Sprite blog. We've finally settled on a Story idea and now the process can move on a lot more quicker, you can follow our blog to see the development, for now... here's some character building for an idea that didn't make the cut

I tried to make the character look obviously Japanese, so instinctively i thought back to the old Looney Tune cartoons and well.....it kinda ended up look a bit racist with the buck tooth and squinty eyes

Little bit about the character:

The characters name's Hiro Onowanda, and he's stranded on an Island...he still thinks his country's (Japan) at war with America, he's adapted to his environment and now acts like animal...he's forgotten how to speak and he communicates through barking, tasting, and smelling people..

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