Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Fantastic Voyage - Journey to the Nucleus Pre Viz

Here a Pre Visualization of my Final Animation, the Final peice is about ready to go... I'm just experimentating with the beginning and end of the animation, trying to decide which works better; live footage or drawn out frames, I like the idea of being in a 2D world for a second and getting transported into this somewhat lucid dream of the tired student, but at the same time having reality transitioning into a 3D environment would work well, at the end it'll be down to which ever looks better...

The Final Animation might have a change in music also, I cut down long cut outs of the animation which was vividly present in the Animatic, but the animation seems to be longer, I might have been listening to it for too long, but I feel it doesn't have the same effect the Animatic, when the music reach it's brink point nothing spectacular is happening..

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