Friday, March 21, 2014

Adaptation Part B - Modelling Progress

This is my progress so far, I still need to fix his face, and add details on the Torso and Trouser, since my character isn't highly detailed and I'm modelling/texturing him in a similar style of the Walking Dead Tell Tale game, there wouldn't be alot of details sculpted on

this was the base mesh I finished
I moved on to Zbrush, but decided to stick with Mudbox, because I wouldn't need alot of detail in his face
...still working on a High res model

it this doesn't work out I could still use nHair, or model his hair using plains with a texture imported as png with a transparent background
I did play around with the idea of having his butt area complete spherical but I decided against it... 

Shoe (Topogun Test)
I used the shoe to quickly run through the pipeline briefly...but I did run into an issue when I went into xNormals, because I wasn't really paying much attention when I was drawing on the polygons, my mesh had an N-sided face, which meant I couldn't bake anything

I plan to have a high res model of my character with little details like wrinkles in his shirt and trouser, his eyes brows....then use Topogun to retopologize the mesh, UV it then bake; normal, ambient, and diffuse maps on to it before rigging the character

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