Sunday, September 28, 2014

Minor Project: Proposal

The goal of my minor project is to create an animation which pays homage to the great comedy duos from sitcoms, cartoons and movies, by creating a duo which embodies this type of comedy.

I started my research with looking at cartoons, and how directors and cartoonist characterised their characters, most of these where all slapstick comedy, but looking further and broadening my research I found that there wasn't a massive difference in sitcom comedy and animation. Looking back at my idea of the duos I want visually contrasting characters like Ralph and Norton from the Honeymooners.

This is an example of situations that could create the dynamic I want.

I looked through previous comedy sitcoms and it is evident that they're all social commentaries about that particular era, as the BBC show in these slideshows

Through research and discussions in my tutorial, it became obvious that pining my idea to an event was crucial for the animation so it could have a backbone and even inspire set pieces and characters, the idea is to personify something as the characters maybe using stereotypes or recent events.

I decided to look at the recent Scottish referendum as a basis for the animation, I am now currently looking at the whole event and how modern comedians are dissecting it, like Frankie Boyle and John Oliver.

The idea is to have one character personify Scotland and the other England, and a simple premise like cooking a barbecue or building an Ikea bed.

At the moment these are my visual influences in terms of characters and the aesthetics of the whole thing from the opening of the animation to the quality of the models

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