Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Fantastic Voyage - Animation Progess

Texturing Terrain 

I settled with this texture, I'll be reiterating  on the colour and experimenting with what best fits the mood

 Environment setup

There are 4 planes my camera flies through in total in an attempt to suggest a bigger world  

Texturing Organelles 
With a little help I was able to animate the Lysosome accepting the unwanted cells using nurbs and selected isoparms


The Mitochondria (power plant) is the blue object in the background

 I wanted to make the nucleus somewhat merge to the environment when the viewer is first introduced to it, similar to the concept I had in my animatic where it emerges the bottom of a hole; in the same way the viewer couldn't see the Nucleus (because it out of sight) the nucleus here is hiding plane sight until it moves and unravels itself

Illustrating the last separation to reveal the nucleus

There are 3 layers to my nucleus, the first one splits out in 4 parts, the second layer melt down revealing the core (Nucleolus)

The reveal is animated and seems to work. I'm in the final stages of texturing the nucleus I working towards a "lavar type" texture melting from the core.

This is another Previz test to see how well the camera would work with the music

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  1. This is looking really exciting! : D