Monday, October 6, 2014

Minor Project - The Story's Outline

I've settled on an Outline I'm happy with, I felt it delivered the message from concept.

Better Together/Teamwork is Key
Two Squirrels fight for an Acorn at a Park

  • Both Squirrels fight for acorn.
  • Acorn Falls from Tree into the hands of a guy sleeping on a park bench
  • Little squirrel attempts to collect acorn for himself and fails
  • Big Squirrel attempt the same thing and fails
  • They decide to work together
  • Working together, they manage to separate man and acorn.
  • [END] With Acorn Free, Squirrels look to commence fighting again.
  • [CONT'D][...ALT END] It gets windy, and acorn falls in drain
  • [...ALT END] Squirrels retract weapons, and look to work together
I put in an "alternate ending" because I am still undecided with ending, they could end where they both started, or continue and end with the teamwork.

Moving Forward
I'm moving forward to draft out a Storyboard and Animatic.

In terms of style, I've been thinking of having minimal environment elements, or just suggesting the park with sounds or objects like leaves blowing or a ball bouncing, In my head I imagine one tree and a Park bench.

Batman-Superman. This panel shows what I have in mind in terms of staging the animation

The characters on my animation don't say anything so I started using words in certain parts of my storyboard, this would be another element I would be experimenting with in the animation to bring out the characters at certain moments.

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