Sunday, October 5, 2014

Minor Project - Understanding the Story's Structure

After some feedback I understand my storyboard was going from event to event with no consequence, instead of having an action be a reaction to the previous action, so I stopped storyboarding to figure elements from my story,so I could come up with a content rich outline for the short. I looked at different shorts and tried to see what made them work.

Analysing Shorts

Why does it work as short
It has one singular objective - The objective for each character is simple and straightforward

The two contrasting characters - the two characters are polar opposites of each other so naturally they'll clash so it's not hard to establish a conflict and a solution in 1 minute.

For every action a reaction - Unlike what I've been doing when storyboarding, this animation plays on the characters, and no action is done that isn't a reaction to the other character.

...The story continues - As the character drives off, you are aware he's getting into another similar situation, so the story continues in the viewers head

Moving forward
I've been jumping straight into storyboarding to try and figure out my story as I go along, what ended up happening was my plots became this "and then, and then" story. In order not to get stuck again with a subjective story I've tried to figure motifs for actions in my story than worrying about the slap stick elements, I have settled on a concept and a premise so the comedy elements can come in later once the Story is outlined.
Better together/Teamwork is Key
Two Squirrels try to get a massive acorn from a guy sleeping on a park bench, but they cant do it alone.

My idea has evolved over time since proposing it, these are just a few sketches on the project during that time

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