Saturday, September 15, 2012

101 concept drawings

Pretty much rough ideas at this point..

 In the Life Form category, I was looking to create alien like life forms out of the objects which I was given and then I branched out and took inspiration from previous drawings

 Looking at animal life forms, was my way of trying to have an idea of what an "alien" body might look like, I got the idea for aliens from looking on of the object which resembled what I imagine an aliens head looks like

I had the idea to slightly change some shape I saw on the objects sheet and merge it with human parts, i.e. a hand 

 Going into Machine category, I was looking to make Robot machines

 Picking parts from certain objects on the objects sheet, could easily pass an machine type object

I found out what certain images were and being able to look at them from different angles gave me some ideas for machine type concepts

 Buildings and furniture were what I was aiming for as I started most of my Structure concept drawings 

All 101 initial concept Drawings on all 3 categories 

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