Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Character Design - Doodles

Main Character Update: Phezi's powers are linked to his tribal tattoos...whoever gave him his tattoos is isn't settled yet, but whoever it is...they knows of his true origins as the power of "Shango, the god of Thunder" comes from it...it peels of from his skin and wraps back to form after his attack....in the first season of the show...Phezi is just discovering his powers, but the full extent of his powers can engulf the earth....he can cause storms, change the weather, fix any electrical object..one zap from his hand is enough to generate electricity for his village for a year

Sidekick Update: Our sidekick is a young white man who had been mistaken for an albino, people of this village had never seen a white man, and when they noticed a young pale skinned boy walking freely around the village a witch placed a curse on him which meant he couldn't leave the village and will forever walk the earth (village) as a Monkey....

Story Update: Seeing as this is within the teen genre; they'll be little sub plots which all connect between the 10 characters our Hero lives with...it's just a matter of thinking what possible problems could underprivileged kids in Africa have apart from trying to survive, there could be a love story in there, or a family feud; these sub plots can't be anything like that of "90210" or the "Breakfast Club"....so there's ten other characters with the possibility of infinite sub plots....

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