Friday, November 15, 2013

Character Design - Sidekick (Figuring things out)

For a sidekick I started out with the idea of having animal who followed my main character..maybe a stranded animal he found after he was left alone to wonder the world....maybe this animal would have had some significance? But one thing I did know was I had to create, taking to account the environment my animal would be in. I started to think of combining features of different monkeys, working around other animals to create something, but I had no reason to limit myself so, I went back and thought about the sidekick; he may be very significant to the story he could perhaps be a human cursed by a witch doctor (A REAL ONE), and is forced to live life as a cross breed of something, maybe half human half chicken, this would make sense for this character to always be by the main character, as Phezi (main character) always goes off to see a witch doctor in hope of seeing his father every time their group go scouting for food and resources, this way the sidekick isn't just a tag-along but he's got something to gain....

I'm drawn to the idea of the Human/Monkey hybrid....I'd need to figure out the environment to understand which features to emphasize, and what type of Monkey he'll look more like, and how human would he even look 

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