Friday, November 1, 2013

Character Design - Hero, Sidekick and Villain (Rough)

The hero (Phezi) of the story would live in something like a hideout with 9 other kids (Ages 17-19) and they struggle to survive in the world they're living in, the characters in this are inspired by the idea of the Zulu Warriors, so they'll just naturally be fast, have "warrior like builds", when Phezi starts channel the power of the thunder god Shango...

Line up of our Hero's friends (excluding his sidekick)

 This story draws inspiration from Oliver Twist and the very popular Zombie Genre; in Zombie Films there’s very little hope, when there a glimmer of hope and it and it seems like everything’s going to be ok, people die and it’s mostly by the hands of other people.

What I take from “Zombie flicks”, is the fact that world is over, regardless of whether there’s a cure or not, civilization isn't coming back, it gets to a point where people begin to eat people, and this feeling of all hope being lost is what I want to capture in the show, it'll be targeted towards an older audience.

The Villain of the story is the Witch Doctor our Hero goes to visit everyday,  Phezi believes that if he completes all the errands the Witch Doctor sets him out to do he'll be able communicate to his father, not knowing the Witch doctor is actually the Brother of the african god "Shango", he'd been casted down to live a life with  mortals, and our Villain is using Phezi to collect potions which he'll later use to attempt and draw out Phezi's god like powers at the end of season

The Sidekick is an animal Phezi found lost, a year after his uncle died. The world the story is based on isn't accurate, it's inspired by Africa, the Zulu Tribe and they're traditional designs, it just a fictional version of Africa, and Phezi's pet animal is an embodiment of that, it'll be created keeping the turain and environment in mind, which is very dry and hot.

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