Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Adaptation Part B - Aim

I will be Adapting Richard Matheson's I Am Legend novel. This will be a character design project where I'll be recreating the main character in the book (Robert Neville) for a game.

Text to Character Design for Games
All this means is after I've chosen what type of game is, and engine it'll be built in...theoretically, the final product should follow the normal restrictions; treating it like a real product going out to consumers. for example considering Polygon count, games have evolved since Half Life 2, where it had 2500-5000 triangles per character, current Xbox 360 games usually have characters with about 5000-7000 triangles, this varies with the type of game because depending on how many characters would be onscreen at once, in some cases the Polygon count will have to be reduced.

Before jumping into Modelling and Rigging the main character my tasks are to find out:

Who is Robert Neville
Though I'll be recreating Robert Neville, the model wouldn't be a direct representation of the character in novel; in the book and films, the key idea is Robert Neville is last MAN Alive, the story shows a dystopian future, Neville's character represents the last of humanity. Deciding on who he really is, and the tone of the story would is a starting point for this project

What are the Vampires like, how does it spread
The book describes Vampire like creatures roam the streets at night, they really represent the death of Humanity in this dystopian world, it'll be interesting to have a form of back story as to why they exist what caused the outbreak and what do they look like, what are they're traits.

What does his set up/Lair look like
Neville spends a lot of time in this house, in all movies he stays in the home he had before the outbreak

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