Thursday, February 6, 2014

Video Infographic - The History of Zombies

It's a little over the time limit, but I did my best to cut it down...


  1. This is great dude, Nice work! :)

  2. One of the most successful and encouraging aspects of your project is your ‘distilled’ art direction and concept, particularly given this is an area you’ve struggled with in the past. I like your Zombie he is simply constructed but well designed, as are the addition ‘dress up’ elements. Your script too articulates an intelligent take on the world Zombies and culture. However, I would argue that you infographic is a ‘dry’ to watch due a series of factors, all of which can be fixed due to the good DNA of the project. These are;
    1) Animation: Not enough animation / dynamism in your character. Simply put, he just needed to more animated, do more in small ways (given that he’s a Zombie), move side to side, open his mouth, make sounds, etc. He’s far too static for such a good character. I spent the whole infographic expecting him to move (as did Phil) which illustrates his potential. This is particularly true in the static moments in between transition where dialogue his happening but nothing moving on screen.

    2) The voice-over: Obviously there is nothing wrong with your voice over artist, he did a good job based upon your instructions. However, your infographic is lacking in energy which could have been injected by using a ‘speed-read’ voice over instead of the slower version you currently have.

    3) Background: As mentioned above ‘more’ needed to happen in the static moments, this is true of additional background iconography too - added value/ humour using smaller details in the gaps in between the transitions / specific dialogue.
    4) All of the above eradicate the ‘mechanistic’ feel that can sometimes be a problem when making infographics – Be careful that you don’t work too closely to the voice over, add you personality in there too.
    For Adaptation Part B;
    In previous projects (character design in particular) you struggled to refine or distill your ideas down in to something manageable. However as mentioned above you have ‘beaten’ this problem in this project. Although this may seem a minor change it is in fact a big step forward to making much more successful and interesting work. Don’t lose sight of this in the next project – Keep it simple and specific.