Thursday, February 13, 2014

Adaptation Part B - An Apocalypse 20 years from now

Looking back at the source and identifying it as story of a dystopian earth; I wanted to go further into the future and situate my adaption of the book (I Am Legend). I was looking into retro futurism, but in the process started to loose sight of what the book was actually about....moving away from the source material.

Every movie iteration of the I Am Legend book sets the apocalypse around the time the film was released, like the book the story takes place 2-3 years after the outbreak. In my adaption, I'd place the beginning of the apocalypse 20 years from now.

What could cause the dehumanization of civilians

This is the process by which neurons are generated, it's responsible for populating the brains with neurons, which is the most important part of the brain, without neurons the brain wouldn't be able function as it should, in essence it'll just be a tumor. in 2006 a pathway through which steam cells can create neurons was discovered, it is already possible to regrow the brain of dead patients, if they were able to put that dead body in a state of suspended animation, it'd very much represent the idea of a Zombie as we know them today. Reanimation research found in max-planck-gesellschaft website suggests that one of the problems with reanimating a corpse is that it kills the cortex, leaving the corpse with basic motor functions (walking, running) and primitive instincts (survive, kill)
These are microscopic robots who can build or destroy anything inside our bodies. Scientist ahave already fused silcone chips to a virus creating a type of nano-cyborg. this cyborgs can opretae for up to month after the death of the victim. It wont be long till nanobots can be inserted into the brain to set up neural connections replacing damaged ones; in the hands of the wrong person someone can rewire your brain, and your way of thinking.

Brain Parasites
Toxmoplasmosa gondi is a parasites that infects rats, this takes over the rat's brain and it's primary goal is to be inside a cat, so it intentionally moves the rat to where the cats are, half of the popluation on earth are already infected with toxoplasmosa, though this doesn't have the same brain control reaction as it does in a rat, it only takes a more advances version of the parasite to make us want "braaaiiiiiinnnnsss"

There are various poisons which can render a human "dead like"(slowing your bodily functions drastically), and an alkaloid toxin can bring these victims back to life in a tance like state with no memory, but still able to perform simple tasks. This already happend in Haiti, where the word zombie originated from.

There are many possible ways a vampire/zombie outbreak can happen 20 years from now, it could be an accident...created while trying to save humanity, which will be ironic because in the book the "evolved" humans end up wanting to kill Robert Neville, so we start the Apocalypse and wipe our whole race out single-handedly, or it could be an attack from life form on other maybe lifeforms from Jupiter's Moon, Europa.

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