Saturday, January 26, 2013

From Script to Screen - Changes to be implimented

After feedback from the OGR it was evident that the characteristics didn't fit the names of my characters, the names were very generic, it was suggested that I rethink they're names and certain parts of the plot.

Originally I had three characters; Zack, Lisa and Damien...Zack being the main character, Lisa being the love interest and Damien being man Lisa seems to be interested in.

Damien who later turns out to be gay in the short, so he had to have the most manliest name for comical effect when the audience finds out he's gay, his names now inspired by Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau is now called Dominik Fischer-Dieskau 

Zack's Love interest (Lisa), had no personality, and some more work really should be done about her biography, as she's very generic...She's going to be a Jessica Rabbit type character, and the alpha female type, I decided on naming her Martha Mödl after the famous opera singer

Zack on the other hand seemed very young compared to what the ordinary Brain surgeon would be like, so I changed his name to James Adamson , MD; a man 47 of age, he's inspired by Peter Jacobson's role on the TV series "House", he's still very awkward and, it still stands that James has known Lisa from a very early age.

Change in Story:

In the beginning instead of James, starting off in his room, then transitioning to him handing in his show ticket, before sitting down to watch Martha sing, It starts with him doing an operation, whilst listening to music, the camera'll go to the CD case..he happens to be listening to Maitha, then it's smoothly transitions to the show.

There's also a part showing James stalking, Dominik and instead of his being lead to a random alley, he'll be taken to the operation room, James was working in, in the beginning. 

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