Wednesday, January 9, 2013

From Script to Screen - Initial Ideas

The From Script to Screen Project is about turning an idea into an animation, so there are three keywords to work with this time (An Environment, A Character, and a Prop; and I got a Concert hall, Brain Surgeon, and Food Blender 

As soon as we got the keywords for our brief, I started getting some ideas down and these are 6 potential concepts that made sense to me after i read it back, I need to decide on an idea an build on it first, so these are just ideas for stories, there aren't necessarily plots, but simply scenarios I could work  with.


  1. Anonymous4:21 PM

    These ideas are crazy, I wasn't expecting that lol it's wicked how you are thinking far and beyond for ideas because I personally would have come up with some boring crap, where as these ideas are nuts and lively

  2. All you ideas for you stroy gives me the creeps. I like the idea of the 5th one down. you could tweek this up by making him work in the concert hall or he has a sceret lair there and hes an undercover mental surgeon, blending peoples brains and drinking it to make him more intelligent or something. But good ideas bro keep them coming.