Tuesday, January 15, 2013

From Script to Screen - Final Idea

Before I started writing and looking into what would be my final Idea, number 3 (Zombie outbreak) was what I was looking to reproduce, but as I started writing, Number 1; The tragic love story of the Brain Surgeon became my favorite, and it's the Idea I'll be going forward with hopefully

1 Brain Surgeon falls for and opera singer, he brings he a blender as a gift
Awkward brain surgeon; name’s harry. He’s been obsessing over a girl since the since 9th grade. She grew up to become a famous opera singer while he’s become a socially inert brain surgeon. One day he decides to go and visit her and confess his love to her. He’s over-thinking everything this very day and he’s a nervous wreck, for some reason he seems to believe that a blender is a good idea for a present (well, she a woman, and his mum liked blenders…). He confidently wraps up the blender and walks backstage after a show to present her with a gift, as soon he sees her he becomes a vegetable (not literally), he doesn’t move a limb and doesn’t utter a word, she approaches him and he lifts the gift, he stares at her and she sets the gift down, as she unboxes it, he looks down at her table and sees a picture which appears to be ripped out, it’s an image with him and her on graduation day at their local college, he sees this and thinks “she’s been obsessing over me too!” he moves closer to her and she has a smile on her face, in his years he never thought this would work, he’s the happiest man on earth….but she’s not smiling at him, behind him is the missing part in the picture, it’s an old friend; thing is…they used to date years ago and he’s back to get her back (they had a bad break up), but with the look on her face, she’s happy to see him, Harry turns around as she passes him and she walks out holding hand with the girl, a tear drops form his eyes, he’s a broken man. He unpacks the blender/food mixer, detaches it, inserts the battery and walks out alone, with blender in hand.

 2 A Brain Surgeon who gains traits after drink a brain from a subject
80 year old retired brain surgeon – Miles, he’s been collecting peoples brains to gain abilities, for years now he’s been intrigued by musicians and is drawn to a concert hall (He lives in New York), there’s a jazz band playing and he goes to the show, he stays till the end until the whole show is over, the lights dies out and all that seems to remain is the jazz/soul musician, the brain surgeon emerges from the dark and he reveals his blender as he approaches the musician. Freaked out by this the Music starts walking backwards, and so the chase sequence begins, now the brain surgeon has the blender in hand and is chases after the musician around the concert hall, the chase sequence would be heavily inspired by tom and jerry; obstacles would be in the way of the surgeon and the end result would have the musician successfully escape and the surgeon in the hands of big Russian cleaners

3 Zombie surviving Brain surgeon
People are being made to evacuate their homes into safe houses, Zack – a student training to be a brain surgeon, just came back from work, and well aware of the situation he hastily packs all the essentials he needs and heads out the door to leave the takes a last look at the kitchen and sees a blender…he’s going to use this as a weapon. He heads down the stairs and runs down the street to a concert hall (he lives in New York) which he was informed was a safe house, zombies are loitering around the streets and he makes his way through all of them. He’s outside the concert hall, looks at it for a second, windows are smashed and it no longer looks safe, at this point zombies are closing in on him. He has to make a quick decision to save his life, he’s about to flee the scene when he see a young girl trapped…zombies are closing in on her and she has no way out, he has a plan. Zack inserts battery into this food mixer/ blender hybrid, zombies hear this noise and begin closing in on him, they can’t see him, but they can smell him; fortunately enough for him they’re drawn to the sound, he scales the building and lowers down a rope to the girl, he shouts out to her and she looks up, grabs on to the rope as Zack pulls her up, they escape to run down building, fortify the place, Zack and the young girl are sharing a can of beans, the beginning of their adventure is the end of our insight into this world.


  1. Hi Akinbi :) Greetings from Orlando - you know, I think there's a nice blend between ideas 1 and 2. So, you've got a brain surgeon who falls in love with a beautiful opera singer; but the opera singer is in love a handsome male opera singer. In an attempt to woo her, he kidnaps the male opera singer, blends his brain, drinks it, in an attempt to acquire his skills... However, there's something about the opera singer he didn't consider - some characteristic - i don't know, maybe he's a gay opera singer, so yes, he can sing now, but he also fancies the conductor... the point is, I think you've got something great beginning to cook here - and also it riffs very nicely on The Phantom of the Opera too - which might mean that you've got some nice visual references and possibilities for parody and pastiche within the visual language of your story. 'Blend' (haha) your first 2 story ideas and I think you'll really be onto something!

  2. You know, i never thought to mix them together, thanks.