Friday, February 8, 2013

Character and Environment Concept Art - Progress so far

For Martha, I wanted her production drawing to show of a strong pose but at the same time have something that shows of her "sexiness", and brings out the Jessica Rabbit Inspiration.

I went straight into designing all three characters together mostly because I felt I knew what they'll look like....less time was spent on James because a Model sheet was already drafted and I mostly understand him. I tried to get out the strongest, butchest looking poses for Dominik and a very feminine pose for Martha

I experiment with dresses that'll fit Martha and I decided on the Red one, at first the Red one had a closed bottom, but I later decided that having it opened at the buttom would be more fitting for the type of character I want Martha to be...

Starting environment concept work, I decided to work on main scenes  in the story, this is outside the Diner Dominik and Martha go to while James (Grundy) stalks them from across the street, before later going in..

This is the concert hall, where James is mesmerized by  Martha's performance, I worked into this try and bring out a different style, it took a lot of time and half way through I could see it wasn't going anywhere so, I'll be going back to the beginning with this one

This is briefly after Dominik's dinner with Martha, when James follows him home before capturing him, I worked with photo's on this piece, after a while the composition didn't look to exciting..

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