Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Final Storyboard

After the OGR, instead of going straight back to my script to make some alterations  I worked on my story using the storyboard, I made a rough version to clearly see the changes, and this is the Final Storyboard..

I wasn't to sure about the quality of the storyboard but i had to move on, I'm currently working on the animatics and the 3D Pre vis and it seem as though it might go over a minute...with having approximately 190frames.


  1. Great story Kinbi, the end had me laughing! Its simple to follow, and the elements of humour are genuinely funny :) Also some of the shots and angles you have used will make your Pre-viz really interesting as there are a lot of moods within your narrative :) Looking forward to seeing more!

  2. nice putting your storyboard up. you had to draw 152 frames, that must have taken your time hope you can fit this just about 1min, but i like the details in the storyboard cant wait to see the animatic - ONWARDS!!