Tuesday, February 5, 2013

James Adamson - Updated Bio, Model Sheet and early character notes

Character Biography - James Adamson

James model sheets and early design - 
As soon as I had the story I drew out the characters I had in my head, with hindsight I can see that, there were some issues, I was thinking of a brain surgeon as a 20 something year old adult, and this is very unrealistic as it takes time to reach that stage, so I went back and changed a few things in my story, which effected a few more elements....my characters now called James and as a result James wouldn't go to a jazz concert as a 48 year old man its only fitting he'd be seen watching Opera.


  1. hmm Kinbi im not too sure about the characters legs, it makes them look weird,maybe its the fact that the legs are too far apart. trying drawing one with the legs normal or closer

  2. If your'e referring to the earlier James drafts, those are completely scrapped, I feel the Model sheet shows all what I what James to look and feel like, are there anythings on the sheet you feel I should change?

  3. Oh! right, then the character on the model sheet looks fine, the legs looks way much better than the scrapped version. I also like the expressions on his face :). I'm uploading my charcater now, just faces.