Thursday, March 7, 2013

Fantastic Voyage - OGR


  1. OGR 09/03/2013

    Hey Akinbiyi,

    Okay - I'm really interested to know what your strategy might be re. your framing narrative - i.e. the science student surrounded by revision papers etc. Are you considering combining live action footage, for example, with the cg middle section - or are you thinking of combining 2D After Effects-style animation with CG animation - so that the 'bookends' are drawn and the middle section CG? It would be really good to know what your plan is, because if you're planning on attempting a completely cg approach (cg character, cg 'real world' environment etc.) then I would be advising against it and championing something more blended and stylised. Your OGR doesn't give any clues re. how you might be thinking of approaching this component of your film, and I'd be interested to know what your thoughts are.

    Generally, the idea of contrasting the mundane world of revision with the vivid 'fantasy' stylings of the innerspace world is a winning formula - it reminds me of the famous cinematic contrasting of sepia and technicolour that occurs in The Wizard Of Oz:

    In terms of working up some suitably wild - yet coherent - colour designs, I suggest you make use of the colour scheme designer, which will give you the courage to put some vivid combinations together with confidence:

    I'm asking all students to commit to a 'thumbnail animatic' by the early part of next week - so that you're actually dealing with the sequencing and structure of your films at the earliest opportunity, and so discussions in regard to the audience's experience of your story can be had prior to students committing time and effort to their presentation animatics for the pitch. Certainly, I'd be interested in seeing exactly how you're intending on guiding us through your cell world - especially in terms of use of labels, text and typeface - which is an area of design that sometimes lets this project down, because students don't give graphic design and the integration of text enough consideration; for some examples of some nicely integrated typeface, check out the following examples;

  2. Thanks phill, In regards to my strategy; I will be melding 2d and 3d with the help of after effects, the middle section of the animation which is the "fly through" will be CG, and when the student wakes up, I'm thinking of animating it in 2d, using a mixture of dragon, and after effects