Saturday, March 16, 2013

Fantastic Voyage - Rough Animatic

Still quite a way to go, but this is the animatic so far...

There a bits in this version where there's an extended period with nothing happening, at this point, they'll be a label to the organelle and information on what it can do (little tidbits of information)

I like the hand drawn quality to the animatic, but I want to bleed in some colour to give the viewer an idea of what the environment would be like..

As for the Music, the beginning and ending track are royalty free, and if all goes well the mid section with the soundtrack should be what I'm finally using, I've emailed the manger and the musician to see if it were possible to use it to support my animation

In terms of the final animation with the intro of the student who's fallen asleep, I'll be using layers in after effect to bring a 2d image to life and at the end when he wakes up I plan to animate each frame, it   isn't out of the question to record live footage, but this is what i envision.


  1. :( Hey Akinbiyi - it says your video is 'private'?

  2. thanks phill, just sorted it

  3. I think it really works and the music is somehow hipnotizing and it makes you wait for what's going to be shown next!
    I think using a live footage for the person could be a really good idea! Maybe with few interesting effects in Adobe. In my opinion - definitely worth trying out and experimenting :)

  4. Read carefully!