Monday, March 11, 2013

Fantastic Voyage - Thumbnails/Designing

Colour Comps

These aren't the colour scheme's I'd be using but I thought it'd be good to experiment and see the outcome...

B/W Comp

I found that looking at mountains, the grand canyon, e.t.c, helped with visualising what the journey to the nucleus would look like in sense of scale, I'm also getting a better understanding of how I could map the whole environment out...


Here I tried to redesign the organelles with the psychedelic dream in mind, I revised on what their function were so I could implement this on their design, though they don't look like what they're meant to under a microscope, they'll be labels describing what each organelle is and what they do, apart form the Tubules and the Vesicles which will be flying around the Endoplasmic Reticulum , everything else would be revealed towards the end of the animation, where there's a show of all the organelles circling the nucleus's position as it slowly emerges and unravels itself.

I also didn't think it necessary to redesign the Ribosome as it already looks like some straight out of a dream


  1. I am liking your idea regarding the Golgi apparatus; having the proteins packaged up. I think this is a nice concept :D

  2. i love your thumbnails on the 'how do they work part' they look like cool structures

  3. Thumbnails of your world look crazier and crazier : D I like it!