Friday, March 1, 2013

Fantastic Voyage - Refining Research

For the 3D Animation on Fantastic Voyage Project I decided to look at the structure of the Eukaryotic Cell...
An more specifically, the Animal Cell.

Another idea which was floating around, was having the animation like an objective based game/checklist inspired by modern games which don't simply don't have a start and end but objectives that need to be completed to move as the Cell's being constructed in this space, it's ticking of Objectives which are part of the bigger object; "Create a Eukaryotic Cell"

Sound-wise, I'm thinking something very alien, I imagine the construction of the cell being slow and calculated as each organelle is being labelled.

These are the type of sounds similar to what I imagine the animation will have

More research will be done for the target audience, because although it's targeted toward teenagers still in school, being in the age of the internet they'll be a variety of tastes within an age group

With the audience given it seems the obvious choice would be to go with an animation heavily inspired by games, cartoon movies, e.t.c...but going down that route seems too limiting and if not done correctly the video could be a disaster, this "age group" wants something new yet familiar and the goal is to get the viewers interested in Structure of the Cell.

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  1. interesting stuff - get some visuals going on too! :)