Friday, November 16, 2012

Hero Prop Research

Character Prop Research

Updated*  17/11/2012

The Terracotta Warrior Statues is significant in Chinese history and though my character starts stealing things for a challenge there wasn't anything significant he challenged himself to steal, the Scribd document above talks about the Terracotta Warrior he steals, but there isn't a specific reason why he steals them, apart from the fact that it's a challenge to obtain....I've adjusted my Character Profile and changed the reason why Tobias has the prop he has;

Tobias starts out as an ignorant kid, only wanting to get better and better at his trade, when he leaves the Temple he starts to steal and as he was never caught stealing, he always set a challenge for himself and stole anything which was a challenge to him. After his training with the mythical creatures he becomes wiser and although he still steals, he has a reason for doing this;  it's the same reason he is helping with the peasant revolt, he treasures his country and as he isn't aware of any real family members he see China as everything to him, so he goes out to obtain objects which are very important in the history of China to protect them and make them last so the world can one day see the legacy left by china,  and he was able to recover one of the Terracotta Warriors.

Note. In this fictional version of China, China is about to make the transition from the Ming dynasty to the Qing dynasty, china is in trouble and the people are in desperate need of change, Tobias Rai and his clan of mythical monkeys help train Li Zicheng's men before they go into battle and the Terracotta Warriors have been discovered, everyone is well aware of them and they are a pride of China. 

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