Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Secret Lair - Influence Maps

The purpose of the Secret Lair project is to create a lair for a main protagonist, and I'll be working on a lair for a Thief with Kung-Fu attributes

Influence Map 1 - Character

Even though this isn't a character based project, I thought it'd be essential to have a clear understanding of the character. Above is my initial Influence Map for my character, I started to think about what type of thief he was...what were his motives, was he stealing for survival? or for justice? when I got the two keywords for my character, I initially wanted him to be alone in a rundown, tight environment, but open reflection and after conversations with my tutor and pairs I decided to think of my character as more of a Leader, someone who's responsible for a lot of people and from then I started thinking along the lines of Robin Hood and Assassins Creed, where the character is at a forefront of something big, like a revolt....nothing about my character is set in stone at the moment.

Influence Map 2 - Character's Secret Lair

...So with a vague idea of what and who my character would be, I started to look to films and real life locations for inspiration, and I looked into Chinese architecture to understand how to display Asian influences within a space, after looking at real life locations and buildings in china I decided to look elsewhere for inspiration and the idea of the "bat cave" stood out to me, the idea of having this big  wide open space concealed and out of sight of the civilians started to be ideal I was chasing visually for my characters lair.  

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