Monday, November 26, 2012

Secret Lair - Final Concept Art

 I went back to my final image one last time to make some changes before I could completely focus on making it 3D...

Final Concept Art.

I decided to settle on this image for a final piece, though it doesn't have much going on inside it...I plan to thumbnail more objects, like weapon stands or maybe training dummies to show more of the Kung- Fu influence, which I could later add to to the CG Scene

My Final Image has the statue on a stand in what seems to be an empty room, when i take the scene to 3D, I plan to  make a matte painting of other things my character stole to show more of the thief influence


  1. It's looking cool...........from the distance :D!
    No, seriously, great job! Can't wait to see it in 3D.

  2. Agreed, Akinbiyi - looking really cinematic - congrats - now to break out the Maya magic! Onwards! :D

  3. Excellent images, I like your idea of using a matte painting to highlight the theif theme, I think it will make a great digital set for your character's secret lair.

  4. Love the atmosphere and the lighting that you created, and the colours too, It fits in well with your character :) very expressive stuff!

  5. Kinbi the lighting on the statue and on the floor is practically photographic. its fantastic stuff. Also the lanterns are such a lovely softened touch. Very nice! Great plan to add the various stolen objects later. Its going to be a busy scene! Excellent work!