Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Character Design - Understanding Jason Flod's Design (Sidekick)

Jason's Origin starts him out as a privileged young boy who drops everything and moves to Africa, he's a Humanitarian so he cares for other peoples well being, he helped around in the village he was resided in and what was original hostility from the villagers turned to love, everyone grew to loves him and the people accepted him....One day when he went out hunting the woods, and animal attacked him and he was found dead, the Villagers rushed him back to the Village and the community decided to ask help from a witch doctor who lived on the outskirts of the village....she agreed to help and amongst other things she asked for a dead chimp, using ancient methods she revives Jason as a part chimp part man.

I did take some time to decide on what animal to merge Jason with, I knew I wanted him to a hybrid of something but I wasn't quite sure what, I did some research and in the Ivory Cost, the Chimpanzee is highly regarded...the people loved the chimp because they ate some fruit left by the Chimpanzee....which made them sleep, and appear dead in a time when they were about to be attacked...the enemies came in and assumed they were dead, spearing their lives; and since then they don't eat Chimps and special ceremonies are held for the animal. I thought it'd be a sign of respect making him part chimp, as the villagers loved him so much.

NOTE: The Ivory Cost is in North Africa and the Zulu Tribes in the South, I'm only  using the facts as influences and I'm not trying to accurately represent the tribes
For the type of Character Jason is, I became instantly drawing to the dreadlocks....being a Humanitarian, and the type of person who loves the earth, it's people, plants, and as someone who dabbles in every religious study...a very liberal human being, it just felt right to give him dreadlocks  

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