Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Video Infographic - Style

I looked at a few Zombie Film Poster, just to get a sense of the typography and colour Scheme used, as I plan to have the Video Infographic always changing as time goes on, the plan is to show how zombies have changed through time, and using this difference to pick something they represent for each time; for example in the 50's the zombie could represent the economy, and with some dialogue and simple animation the goal is to convince the viewer using facts about that era of Zombies

This was a little test so I could see how I could possibly changed the Zombie....The Text "Zombie" would be replaced by what the Zombie represent fro that era and the Zombie head will be changing to match that description, I moved to do a simple head because the earlier designs for the zombies may have been too complicated, it still follows the same concept however; the Zombie will remain in the middle of the screen transforming as the timeline moves forward....colours of the background will also change with the zombie and so will the panels on the right and on the bottom of the screen, with hopefully some animation in them... 

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