Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Video Infographic - Draft Script and Update on Style Change

The Style has slightly changed from what I previously had. what the viewers will be shown is a simple zombie morphing as time goes on...

Draft #1

Fear; It’s a simple thing that causes people to think an act irrationally. As human’s we have multiple ways of dealing with our fears. We run away from them. We face them. Or, [dragged out “or”] we can simply replace them!!! Zombie Films are the personification of our fears; On a Mass scale!! When there’s a big tragedy there always seems to be a spike in zombie film production.
Let’s take a look at the cultural fears which is represented in the Zombies we consume as time went on…

The First Zombie Movie dates back to the 30’s, Inspired by the Haitian Zombi, Zombies were mere slaves, controlled by their masters with no will and unable to have choices of their own. Sound familiar? Though slavery was abolished at this point, Black People had no rights and in the 30’s Zombie films were this fear of “Black man” brought to the big screen

The 40’s came along and so did the war, Images of the Nazi reign pouring in, millions of dead bodies or Zombies!?!? The universal fear of being invaded or compromised with not enough resources to fend for yourself was a big fear…If that doesn’t convince you…..imagine the Nazi fleet moving as a unit, now you’re getting the picture…

Oh the 50’s and Johnathan McCarthy! [Said, as though remising, “the good old days”…long pause] What we have here is the classic case of scapegoating, or cowardice in its purest form [emphasis on purest]. McCarthy was a man who feared a group of people so much so that they made a word for it. McCarthyism! Yeah kinda sounds like one of those boring essay theories ammi right!?? [Pause] This was basically the fear of communists invading the American lifestyle. Anyone found out of being communist would lose their jobs, and be blacklisted from any other job opportunities.

The 60’s was the decade of arguably the Zombie Films of all Zombies films…that’s right…Night of the Living Dead by George A. Romero, a film which introduced all the key elements that we now see in zombie films today; Zombies now had deteriorating skin, they walked with a limp, the “Zombie” [emphasis on Zombie] was now spreading through infection, Once you were a Zombie there was no reverse effect. This was also the decade of the Cuban Missile crisis. Castro and Kennedy trying to one up each other, seeing who had the bigger toy, with actually no intention of attacking; both nations racing to see could building the most powerful weapons, keeping the occupant of both nations nervous as hell!!!…not knowing if they’ll wake up in radiation filled land…good thing they had Zombie films aye!

The 1970’s was the decade of the First Email, the rise of Microsoft and Apple, the VCR’s became a household item, this was the beginning of our society being overwhelmed by technology, things were changing and advancing regardless of whether people could keep up with it, there were a lot of technophobic people but at the same time there were groups of people keeping up with everything as it came out, this may have been what George Romero was commenting on in his film; Dawn of the Dead. The consumer culture could represent the Zombies in the sense that we are them, and our world is slowly changing to world where everyone is a consumer….but it can also represent Technology, displaying the battle between us and something we created.

HIV and AIDS were discovered in the 80’s, these were really advanced viruses and one of the most deadliest, it came with the tiniest symptoms which later in turn result in the death of the victim. This was somewhat reflected in the Return of the Living Dead, as Zombies were became smarter and it was the first film to introduce the concept of Zombies eating Brains as a pose to flesh… 

The Birth of the Internet, came with a whole bunch of new things, a lot of people didn’t understand it, but the potential it had was scary, sharing music would soon become a problem and the reaction to this was actually an improvement on Zombie games and a spike in “funny Zombie films”…there’s a quote about fear and humor somewhere [awkward pause]…moving on

Well…here we are at modern day, hmmm let’s see apart from…. we destroying our environment, the economic downturn, the terrorist attacks, there really isn’t anything to fear [long pause]. At the most advanced we’ve been for a while now, Zombie Films are still really popular, the latest iterations of the genre in TV’s Shows like the Walking Dead, say we are already infected…the Zombie film now has a new rules…characters unfortunate to be in a Zombie Apocalypse these days are like Dead People walking waiting for the virus to take over, but does this mean the Zombie is in all of us?

In terms of the script I'm not too sure about the 90's section (the blue one) any suggestions would be helpful...I know it's long, is the direction I'm going ok; any parts I could cut off, and also am I waffling too much here? this is what I mean by the style changing a little....every thing will be condensed into one character constantly changing in the middle of the screen

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