Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Character Design - Villain (Faces)

Alaba's Origin starts her out as a benign witch doctor; not really evil or kind. She learnt the ways of the old religion from her mother, her only goal at this point in her life was to save her dying son, so she researched old potions, mastering and uncovering more and more secrets until she was powerful enough to save her son, unfortunately and ironically for Alaba...given her chosen profession...."Some things are not ours to tamper with. Some things....are God's." At this point she in too deep, she starts obsessing and plotting, she needs more power and like an addict yearns for more; this hobby of her's later became the reason for her son's death. Oblivious to what she had done she blamed the gods for her son's death, and vowed to conjure enough power to one day reach the god and confront them, she's distroryed whole villages in search of more power, she's killed babies, scarified albinos, but still she nowhere close of meeting her goal, the viewers are introduced to Alaba as she discovers Phezi, she now plans to drain him of his powers and let the god know of her fury.

At a point I wasn't sure weather to make my Villain an old typical witch archetype or a young seductive female, but I decided to make her both, as Alaba is narcissist and she's got no family to look after, as her son is now dead....I thought it fitting for her to use her abilities to retain her youth. She's really 200 years old, she's been killing people and obsessing over power for a long time if Phezi kills her in the season finale, the viewers will be shown a really wrinkly rotten old witch as she dissolves, or explodes....something really disgusting nevertheless.

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