Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Video Infographic - Refining Graphic Language

My Infographic goes through time and it'd have the date change at top left corner of the screen, it's a little detail  but I thought i'd find font which fitted each era, for exmaple the Evil Dead style font for the 80's and the a worn out 2014, just as a nod to The Walking Dead. The Dates would transition in when the era changes, but it wont stay on the page...distracting the viewer, it'll transition out before it's time for the next stage.

The background also changes as time goes by, I decided to stick with desaturated colour to fit the type of poster colours from old zombie films...

....just a quick test to see how the dates would transition in and out, it'll be much smother for the final...and the font sizes wont change..

1 comment:

  1. really liking all of these decisions, Akinbiyi - great choice of fonts - really 'on message' and nicely observed! :)