Sunday, January 5, 2014

Character Design - Alaba Costume Designs

Just at the end of the designing stage...where I feel I understand and like what my characters look like, I wanted to redo Alaba's costumes again, I was satisfied with the previous thumbnails. I did hesitated to leave her (on the majority of thumbnails) topless, but as my show/animation will be aimed at an older audience I felt I had the freedom to do it, as it not uncommon for a zulu woman to be topless; as this was a major influence on the show. I imagine her lair in the woods, not much contact with other humans...she has a crystal ball or an enchanted rock she uses to watch Phezi and plans ways to extract his power.


  1. Woaaa, she looks awesome! I really like faces A and E, and for the clothes...they all look amazing, I can't even tell which one I like the most : D If I had to choose I would go for something between A, B and D

  2. thanks sam!! I liked those as well....and the topless Villainess isn't too in your face is it?

  3. These are all very strong- E is probably the safest design in terms of nudity - the face is very strong in particular, but if the target audience is mature enough, then elements of the other images work- perhaps a strong design painted on her body (much like the face painting on E) to mask things a little.