Saturday, January 11, 2014

Video Infographic (Refining Idea) - The History of...Zombies

I decided to do the word Zombies to go with the title “The History of…”as to how I’d be going about this I thought to look at how the social context affected the type of Zombie Products we get, whether it be movie, games, comics. Doing a straight up visual history of how zombies changed over time could be pretty bland and could be informing the viewers of something they might already know, so I thought maybe trying to answer a question as the video goes through time could be interesting, I'd answering the question; what do Zombies represent? Using history to as a means to answer this question….but first I need to figure out I want to say it could possibly represent…
It could be:
Technology, Social Unrest, The Economy, The Government, Creativity, Man vs…, The Working Class, Consumerism,  The System, Religion

Consumerism - I just couldn’t help think of Zombies after seeing a few Black Friday videos….maybe Zombie films/games/comics are trying to say something about consumerism, Zombies have become a lot more faster and are no longer referred to as “zombies”….it could be interesting to argue that this is simply down to the rise of consumerism.

The Working Class – Slaving from day to day, same dead end job, no passion for what they’re doing, and they do it only for the money…that just shouts out zombie to me

Social Unrest - The idea that Zombie Movie Production goes up when there's a form of social unrest, also jumped out to me, maybe that's what they seems to reflect it's time and maybe "The Zombie" is a direct reflection of the real tragedies that happen. Looking at the tragedies that occur over a space of time and the type of Zombie films/games/comics we get could also be quiet interesting.


I also like the idea that Zombies are a reflection of the true nature of humans…the idea that under everything we are really killers and in Zombie films there’s a real excuse to kill..

Zombies could also be like the "in-between", a type of Limbo where people never really want to let go, they don’t want to really die to they find a way to exist somehow, even religion entertains the idea of life after death, maybe Zombies could represent us clinging on to life as we know it.

I'll be quickly running through a few Zombie films to find a common trait in all of them, from the dead rising to the infected humans I'll be looking for something definitive enough to based the video info-graphic under...with that being said I cant help but think that finding a way to prove that Zombies, are nothing but a reflection of ourselves would make for an interesting video.

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